As i reflect upon my network and the changes that it has went through over my adult years of learning. I find that there has been many changes that have taken place over the years that I started my learning process. When I first started my adult learning process, it took place in a physical classroom setting with me working on my bachelor’s degree in sociology. It was the first time I had been in a classroom setting since high school in 1986. Since that time, I am now in a on-line degree program for my masters in instructional design. The biggest change for me was moving from a physical classroom setting to an on-line setting. However, due to work, children, and the responsibilities of being an adult, I find that on-line school has made it possible for me to work on a higher education. If it were not for on-line studies, I do not think I would be able to go back to school. My network has changed the way that I learn in so many different ways. One of the biggest ways is now I have learned a how to use the internet to find the information that in need in order to assist me in my on-line education ,where as when I was a youth we did not have the technology that is available now. Connectiveism is supported by  my personal network through  There is not one single digital tool that facilitates learning for me, however some of the tools that has assisted in learning for me are the internet, moodle, blackboard, as well as YouTube and laureate educational videos. Due to the way that my learning process has changed from the physical classroom to the on-line classroom setting, I would say that my network supports connectiveism


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