A Deeper Understanding.


After studying more on the subject of learning theories and learning styles, I have to take a closer look at the way that I learn. As a school aged youth, I was more of a hand on person. If I could not put my hands on the material then it was hard for me to learn it. But now after reading on the different types of learning theories I must say that cognitive theories is the theory that best describes my learning style. First, I have to acquire the information, and then remember it, then use the information to problem solve.  Today with the advent of the internet, I have found a new way to find information without having to search the pages of books. All I have to do now is just speak into the computer or type in a question and a “world” of information is at my fingertips. As I write this post, I am thankful for the ability to attend school on-line due to the advancement of technology. I have stated that I am more of a hand on person, however thanks to YouTube and other social media, I can now watch as others demonstrate how to use the information that I search for in the form of a video. I can now take the technology that is available to me and use it to inform others all over the world. The world is now ours.  As instructional designers, we can create instruction for students and clients all over the world. We can give people, just like you and I the chance to advance in the employment world by getting more education through the use of the internet to advance their education


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