The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities.

This week for my Learning Theories Class at Walden University, I was given the assignment of creating a blog account as well as exploring various blogs and resource sites that are relevant to the field of instructional design or training in the work place.  As I went about my assignment, I stumbled upon a site that I will share with you guy’s. The name of the site is Click Here . On this site I found 30 top online resources for instructional designers to keep up with.

A few stuck out to me and I will share them with you as well. The first on was on five myths about digital natives. Click Here on this site you will find an incredible story on learning related material for children. This site covers five myths centered around digital natives which are 1. Digital natives are loners and socially incompetent (geeks, nerds, etc). 2. Digital natives lead sedentary lifestyles; most are couch potatoes. 3. Digital natives are not in touch with the real world/reality. 4. Digital natives have short attention spans. 5. Digital natives are, in a sense, illiterate. I found this information very interesting in the fact that it opens my eyes to a different way of viewing how I felt about the younger generation. I think that you will enjoy the read.

The next site that I will share is Click Here This site will be helpful in our journey as instructional designers where as it shares resources that will assist us in instructional design sources.

This next site entitled a refreshing take on user experience design gives a psychologist point of view on the ideal user experience. Click Here This site will be great for those of us that seek the feedback of others on how to make our design effective. Well I hope you enjoy the information and feel free to leave a comment. See you soon.


Michael Hill.